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Employer's FAQ

1) How much does it cost to post a vacancy?

You don't pay anything to register with Dental Gateway website or place a vacancy.

2) Is there any limit of vacancies that I can place?

No, you may post as many vacancies as you like. Each vacancy expires after 30 days and you may receive unlimited number of applications within that time, even after purchase!

3) How do I search for candidates?

There are two ways of searching for candidates. Both take place simultaneously to provide you with the largest possible number of applicants to choose from: place a vacancy OR search our database.

Place a vacancy (for free): Your vacancies will be advertised amongst the relevant candidates that are registered with us. They may apply online for the position you offer. You are free to have a look at the candidate's CV and either accept it (to get his/her contact details or reject if you think that the candidate is below your expectations. Whenever a new candidate applies, we will notify you about it via e-mail.

4) And the other way of searching?

Search the database: You are free to view the anonymous CVs and select those ones that may be your potential employees. We notify applicants about your interest and if they are interested they will give permission to share their contact details or decline your offer. That way we make sure that you only get the details of those who are interested in your job offer.

5) Some candidates have badges – what are they for?

This is our system to test the candidate’s knowledge. Each candidate is entitled to take 5 different tests like: endodontics test, oral surgery test, implants test etc. When their score is high, we give them a badge – bronze, silver or gold - it is a clear signal to any employer that a candidate has a thorough knowledge in a particular field.

6) How much does it cost?

Just £199 + VAT to contact the best candidates for your vacancy.

This means for just £199 +VAT you get the contact details of candidates: - who have expressed a genuine interest in your vacancy - who’s CVs you have already reviewed and been impressed by

The transaction takes place only when both parties agree to share their details.

Even after you purchase the details you can still receive applications so you won’t miss on anything – and you get the details straight away !

7) Are there any other fees?

No, never. Once you get the contact details you are free to make contact with the candidates you selected and arrange an interview. There are NO additional costs upon hiring.

8) Do you have different quotes for different dental proffesionals?

No, £199 + VAT is applicable to ALL dental proffesionals regardless if you’re looking for a dental nurse, hygienist or a dentist.

9) £199 +VAT is very cheap in comparison to other agencies' fees...

We know, that's why Dental Gateway is sooo popular :-)