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DRecruitOne of the best ways to ensure that you get the right staff for your dental practice is to make use of a third-party company to connect you with skilled and vetted dental professionals.

Let’s face it, you simply don’t have time or inclination to manually advertise for and sift through candidates.  You want to be able to go to a pre-screened pool of well-suited potentials, and get on with interviews and make the hire with minimum hassle.

It’s one of those tasks that you’ll do infrequently, and just don’t have time to master or become highly efficient at – when a gap pops up at your practice, you just want the vacancy filled as quickly as possible.  Naturally, it makes sense to hire competent outside help, and for the past few years, that’s translated into making use of the services of a Dental Recruitment Agency.

However, times are rapidly changing, and with the advent of information technology and online databases, there are several exciting new options for owners and practice managers.

Here are a couple of things to think about when looking to hire dental professionals via a third-party service.

Networks vs Agencies

Recruitment agencies were top dog for many years, but as with many industries, the internet has shaken things up.  There’s now a new type of service on the scene, and it’s known as a dental recruitment network. It’s a fundamentally different beast, because it cuts out the middleman entirely – once registered, employers and potential candidates all sit on the same network and interact with each other directly.

On a network, each party uploads its relevant information, and employers search for candidates with the skills they need, and dental staff can search for vacant positions.

There are a couple of advantages to the network format. Firstly, it rapidly speeds up the hiring process – employees and candidates can directly view each other when the need arises, without the sometimes painstaking process of having a recruiter do the search and match. Secondly, it makes the information freely available to all parties, which is something recruitment agencies just don’t do.

Because of the lower overheads, the fees often beat recruitment agencies too.

Our very own Dental Gateway is a recruitment network, directly connecting candidates and employers.

Two Way Contacting

In our view, the recruitment model has obvious advantages (although of course, we would say that!). Still, not all networks are created equal – and we think that a two-way system is an important feature.

We don’t think it’s enough to just create situation where candidates apply for jobs – we want employers and dental staff to be able to initiate contact with each other. It benefits both parties – employers get to search for candidates from the moment that a vacancy pops up, and dental staff have their CVs and profiles “working for them” during periods that they’re not actively applying. A true network allows this kind of two-way communication, and it’s a key part of what makes the Dental Gateway so successful.

Reputation and Testimonials

A good measure of any middleman business like an agency or network is its reputation.

Seek out comments, testimonials and opinions online – try and get a general sense of what employers and candidates think of the service.

Do prominent dentists and practices make use of it? A good recruitment network should have endorsements from established professionals, and the more good things that people have to say about the service, the better.

Convinced yet? We hope so.  Whether you’re an employer or candidate, give yourself the best chance of sealing the deal on that next opportunity, and sign up at the Dental Gateway.  You’ll be glad you did!


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