Getting Kids Proactive About Oral Healthcare

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Everybody knows that if you manage to get a child into good oral hygiene habits at the earliest possible juncture, chances are they will stick for life. It’s the old theory regarding teaching an old dog new tricks and knowing that lessons learned in early life will always be the most important and influential for… Read more »

US Study Offers Tips for Teeth-Grinders

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Teeth grinding is something of a universal problem that spans the globe and doesn’t discriminate in terms of who it affects. What’s more, it is often looking at as a fairly black and white issue – meaning you’re either a serial teeth-grinder or you’re not, end of story.  However, there are plenty of triggers that… Read more »

City Warns Of The Dangers Of Tooth Whitening

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Those of us in the dentistry professional, whether hygienists, dentists, nurses or recruitment advisers, know only too well that teeth whitening can be extremely dangerous if approached the wrong way, with the wrong tools, and in the wrong hands. But sadly most consumers who have no particular knowledge of the world of dentistry do not… Read more »