Modernising Your Dental Practice

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Dentistry used to be pretty stable on the technology front for many decades.  Mirror, pick, pliers…manual drill. Designs slowly evolved, but through the course of a dentist’s career, he or she (usually a “he” back then!) would basically make use of the same tools and procedures with very little variation. However, the confluence of electronic… Read more »

US Study Offers Tips for Teeth-Grinders

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Teeth grinding is something of a universal problem that spans the globe and doesn’t discriminate in terms of who it affects. What’s more, it is often looking at as a fairly black and white issue – meaning you’re either a serial teeth-grinder or you’re not, end of story.  However, there are plenty of triggers that… Read more »

3 Tips For Getting Your Dream Dentistry Job

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The dental recruitment industry is booming, with more candidates qualifying or returning to dentistry after a break than ever. Coupled with the fact that dental surgeries are seeing tremendous growth in terms of demand and the range of services which can be offered, it’s a great time to be looking for dental vacancies. But just… Read more »