Four Mistakes To Avoid As a Fresh Dental Graduate

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So you’ve put in several years of tough graft, endured gruelling practical examinations, and slogged through plenty of nights burning the midnight oil, cramming your brain with facts about biology and dentistry. Now the journey is seemingly over, and you’re qualified – congratulations!  You’re ready to step into the world of professional dentistry. However, there… Read more »

How To Fill A Dental Position Quickly

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If you run a small or medium sized dental practice, you’ll be all too aware of just how dependent you are on the individual efforts of each member of your team. A dental practice is a precise operation, and the loss of a team member can really throw a spanner in the works if they… Read more »

Getting Your First Dental Nurse Job

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Dental nurses are the assistants who work alongside the dentist, ensuring patient comfort and preparing mixtures and tools for the dentist to perform the treatments. It’s a rewarding profession, it’s well-paid in comparison to some other caring professions, and it offers ample room for dental career growth as you gain experience. A job as a… Read more »

What Does It Take To Be A Dentist?

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The dental recruitment industry continues to see a growing number of people entering the dental professional, with a greater variety of roles to fill than ever. But of all the different roles within the dental industry, from dental hygienist to dental nurse, the primary role remains that of the dentist. For anyone considering the position… Read more »

2 Ways To Prepare For Your Dental Job Interview

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The dental industry is more competitive today than ever before, with not only a massive number of dental jobs available, but a much wider variety of dental positions than before too. With more and more of us looking to undergo cosmetic dental procedures ranging from tooth whitening to veneers, invisible fillings and crowns to invisible… Read more »

Gum Disease Growing Cause Of Oral Cancer

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We all know that one of the main causes of oral cancer is smoking, but it is predicted that within 10 years gum disease could well rival tobacco as the main cause of oral cancer. A recent study by the British Dental Health Foundation has discovered that gum disease may well be directly linked to… Read more »