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Dental HiringIf you run a small or medium sized dental practice, you’ll be all too aware of just how dependent you are on the individual efforts of each member of your team.

A dental practice is a precise operation, and the loss of a team member can really throw a spanner in the works if they aren’t quickly replaced.

Ideally, staff will notify you weeks or even months in advance of their planned leaving date, and give you plenty of time to find a replacement.

However, occasionally they’ll tell you right at the last minute. It might not be intentional – perhaps their circumstances have suddenly changed, and they need to make a sudden move. Of course, in some cases they may be jumping ship to another practice and want to keep things quiet until the last minute.

Regardless of their reasons, if you’re a small team, you’ll need to quickly find a replacement to keep your practice functioning properly.

Here are some tips on how to quickly get someone on board to fill the gap.

Tap Your Staff And Employees’ Networks First

When you know you need someone urgently, the first thing to do is notify everyone who works in your practice, and ask them to put the word out to their own contacts and professional networks.

It’s an obvious thing to do, but you’d be surprised how many practice owners spend time on posting a job publically before talking to their staff. You might be able to arrange an interview or two solely through the efforts of your own employees, saving yourself valuable time.

Write A Crystal Clear Job Description

This step can save your hours of wasted dental interview time, both in terms of the skills-fit of the candidate and their personal demeanour.

Write a job description that spells out the specific requirements of the role. If you specialise in certain treatments, or you expect the person to perform tasks that are likely specific to your practice, make it known in the description.  Also, make sure you mention the kind of personality traits you’re looking for – doing so will help to screen out people that wouldn’t be a good fit for your practice.

Streamline the Interview and Reference Process

The biggest time-sinks in the hiring process are interviews and references.

A short phone interview is a good way to get a feel for the candidate and where they’re coming from, before you invite them in for a face-to-face meeting.

If a candidate looks promising, this is also a good time to get references from them and contact those references – that way, you can have reference checks completed by the in-person interview date, and save a precious few days in the process.

Use A Specialised Dental Recruitment Network

Although dental recruitment agencies have their benefits, it’s often expensive and time consuming to make use of their services. The middleman adds an extra layer of friction, and let’s be honest, agencies are not always geared up for a speedy hiring process.

You want to get someone on board as soon as possible, and you want to be able to quickly ascertain whether they’re a good fit for your practice.

Ideally, you want to be able to browse relevant candidates in your area, be sure that their skills are verified, and then easily offer them an interview.

We think we’ve created the perfect solution in the form of the Dental Gateway, and we invite you to sign up and take a look at the available dental professionals in your area.

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