Modernising Your Dental Practice

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Dentistry used to be pretty stable on the technology front for many decades.  Mirror, pick, pliers…manual drill. Designs slowly evolved, but through the course of a dentist’s career, he or she (usually a “he” back then!) would basically make use of the same tools and procedures with very little variation. However, the confluence of electronic… Read more »

Dental Practice Design For Comfort And Success

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Interior design is a crucial factor in the ambience of an inside space. You’ve no doubt stepped foot in one or more poorly designed small businesses yourself – perhaps somewhere crampt, badly lit or uncomfortable. You likely have first-hand knowledge of how much design affects customer’s perceptions. As dental practitioners, we know that the atmosphere… Read more »

Making The Leap: Should You Expand Your Dental Practice?

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When business is booming for prolonged periods, the satisfaction is immense – it feels like you’ve finally got everything right in your practice, and you’ll naturally be proud of your achievements. Maybe you yourself thinking “Hey, we’ve made it work here… why not somewhere else?” It’s a tempting thought, and it’s worth seriously considering. But… Read more »