Four Mistakes To Avoid As a Fresh Dental Graduate

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So you’ve put in several years of tough graft, endured gruelling practical examinations, and slogged through plenty of nights burning the midnight oil, cramming your brain with facts about biology and dentistry. Now the journey is seemingly over, and you’re qualified – congratulations!  You’re ready to step into the world of professional dentistry. However, there… Read more »

US Study Offers Tips for Teeth-Grinders

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Teeth grinding is something of a universal problem that spans the globe and doesn’t discriminate in terms of who it affects. What’s more, it is often looking at as a fairly black and white issue – meaning you’re either a serial teeth-grinder or you’re not, end of story.  However, there are plenty of triggers that… Read more »

New Research Reveals Mouth Cancer Truth

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With National No Smoking Day not long now, being on 13th March this year, the British Dental Health Foundation is starting to get the message out to people about oral health and the risks of smoking. In particular, a recent report in the journal Oral Diseases sheds some interesting light on a popular misconception most… Read more »

The OFT Launches Its Right To Smile Campaign

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You may recall a few months back we wrote on this blog about the disturbing findings of the OFT which suggested that a worrying number of patients were not being provided with the right information, with some patients feeling confused or provided with inadequate information. Additionally there were several examples of dental surgeries failing to… Read more »