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In a perfect world, any and every newly qualified dental professional would be able to step out of university and straight into the job of their dreams. They’d waste no time at all in making a positive difference in the lives of thousands of patients across the UK and would immediately begin climbing the career ladder to eventual greatness. dental career

Sadly however the world isn’t quite so ideal and therefore the above proves to be anything but the reality for the overwhelming majority. More often than not, there is something of a gap between qualifying and taking up that first dental role, which can be longer for some than others. Those with extreme flexibility in terms of localities will of course be snapped up quicker and so will those with the most prestigious qualifications, but what about those that may be looking at several weeks or months before they even attract a bite?

There are really only two options – sit around and wait for something to happen or make the best of a bad situation with a little proactivity. And needless to say, the latter of the two will always shine through in the long-run:

Online Agencies

First up, there’s no better way of hurrying the process along than by signing up to the most elite and advanced online dental recruitment agencies in the UK. Put simply, these offer the closest thing in the industry to an applicant’s CV doing all the hard work on their behalf, having been presented in from of the nation’s recruiters who may just snap-up that ideal candidate in a heartbeat. It takes a little effort to sign up and keep things fresh along the way, but there’s literally no better way of getting a foot-in.

Volunteer Work

If it’s proving tricky to secure any paid dental work, one of the most beneficial options of all can be to seek voluntary work with a dental office, a hospital or any other relevant environment. Not only does voluntary work look incredible on a CV and allow a person to put his or her skills to practical use, but it’s also a very good way of making a name for yourself and perhaps being taken on by the office in question as a permanent worker.

Further Studies

Next up, the very best dental professionals in the world know that their education and training never ends – every day should be used to gather new experience and seek knowledge. As such, those with something of a gap to fill have the perfect opportunity to take their skills and knowledge to the next level and beyond, be it by way of organised classes or simply home study. Again, this always looks impressive on a CV.

Private Practice

And finally, those with the necessary qualification and certification can always consider offering their services or their advice by way of their own private business, either online or at a physical premises. Even if only offering the simplest of tips by way of a community dental forum online, this can make a huge difference for a long-term career and is therefore a perfect gap-filler.




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