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Those of us in the dentistry professional, whether hygienists, dentists, nurses or recruitment advisers, know only too well that teeth whitening can be extremely dangerous if approached the wrong way, with the wrong tools, and in the wrong hands.

City Warns Of The Dangers Of Tooth WhiteningBut sadly most consumers who have no particular knowledge of the world of dentistry do not realise that to carry out teeth whitening you must by law be registered as a dental professional.

The result of this is that, coupled with the growth in interest for teeth whitening, a very great number of people are exposing themselves to serious risk, and many have already suffered as a result.

In response to this growing problem one council has begun issuing warnings to people, urging them not to consider teeth whitening unless they have been properly assessed first by a registered dental professional.


Wales Writes Whitening Warning

Cardiff Council’s Trading Standards department have recently issued warnings to all residents across the city, advising them to avoid having any teeth whitening treatments carried out unless they have been approved by their dentist, or are carried out by a legally registered practising dental professional.

It is likely that this will surprise a good many people, since there are plenty of teeth whitening products available in the shops, and plenty of kits available to buy online.

The trouble is that as those within the dental profession know, many of these kits are very much ill advised, and of course for some people the whole process of teeth whitening is definitely to be avoided. At least until other treatments are carried out, such as fillings, crowns and repairs.

In fact many people don’t realise that options such as veneers can be a good deal easier, safer, quicker and far less risky, and could also offer results which are much more appropriate for them.

By encouraging people to visit their dentists rather than going for treatments elsewhere they are more likely to find themselves being presented with a wider range of options which will be far better for them in the long run.

Health Spas And Parlours Can Be Bad For You!

Not only are there many teeth whitening products available on the shelf, over the counter and online, but a number of health spas and beauty parlours are also offering a variety of treatments, despite the fact that they are not qualified or legally registered dental professionals.

You wouldn’t go to your barber to have your car serviced, or go to your doctor to discuss your financial investments.

Dental professionals are there for dental related treatments, including teeth whitening. Beauty parlours can offer a wide variety of services, and so can health spas, but this recent trend in offering dental cosmetic treatments is not something to be encouraged.

Bleach Blonde Teeth Don’t Leave Many Smiles

Despite the fact that tooth whitening products are only supposed to contain a very maximum of 0.1% hydrogen peroxide, Cardiff Trading Standards recently managed to prosecute one company for supplying a tooth whitening kit which contained a staggering 10% hydrogen peroxide – 100 times more than the legal maximum.

But even that’s modest compared to some kits available which contain a frightening 30% hydrogen peroxide. Other products tested have contained chemicals such as sodium perborate and chlorine dioxide, both very acidic products likely to cause significant harm to the teeth.

It is a sad fact that many dental professionals are starting to see a rise in the number of patients coming to them in need of corrective treatments, or major repair work needed as a direct result of damage caused by harmful teeth whitening processes.

Had these patients come to the dentist first then they would have been able to spare themselves significant extra costs, a great deal of pain and discomfort, and walked away with both a bright, white, healthy smile, and something to actually smile about.

Let’s hope that more Trading Standards departments around the UK follow Cardiff’s example and help spread the message to those looking to whiten their smile.


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