Dental Practice ‘Best Practice’ Part One: Communication

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Running a dental practice is difficult. Dentists are often not natural business people, and the move from clinician to successful practice owner is rarely straightforward. There are several key factors that contribute to a thriving dental practice, and every dentist or practice manager has their blind spots – it’s only natural. Check out the first… Read more »

Do You Need a Dental Practice Manager?

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It wasn’t long ago that the role of “Dental Practice Manager” didn’t really exist. Traditionally, senior dentists would own their own practice and employ other clinical professionals – dentists and nurses – alongside one or two receptionists. The practice was managed by whoever owned it, with everybody else picking up the odd extra task that… Read more »

Getting Your First Dental Nurse Job

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Dental nurses are the assistants who work alongside the dentist, ensuring patient comfort and preparing mixtures and tools for the dentist to perform the treatments. It’s a rewarding profession, it’s well-paid in comparison to some other caring professions, and it offers ample room for dental career growth as you gain experience. A job as a… Read more »

How To Market Your Dental Practice

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A natural progression for skilled dentists after a number of years on the job is to open their own practice, or take over an existing one. It’s a real thrill to go from employee to practice owner or stakeholder, and it’s rewarding to know that you’re orchestrating the entire operation of serving and treating your… Read more »