New Research Reveals Mouth Cancer Truth

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With National No Smoking Day not long now, being on 13th March this year, the British Dental Health Foundation is starting to get the message out to people about oral health and the risks of smoking. In particular, a recent report in the journal Oral Diseases sheds some interesting light on a popular misconception most… Read more »

3 Tips For Getting Your Dream Dentistry Job

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The dental recruitment industry is booming, with more candidates qualifying or returning to dentistry after a break than ever. Coupled with the fact that dental surgeries are seeing tremendous growth in terms of demand and the range of services which can be offered, it’s a great time to be looking for dental vacancies. But just… Read more »

What Does It Take To Be A Dentist?

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The dental recruitment industry continues to see a growing number of people entering the dental professional, with a greater variety of roles to fill than ever. But of all the different roles within the dental industry, from dental hygienist to dental nurse, the primary role remains that of the dentist. For anyone considering the position… Read more »

Fresh Warning And Advice Given Over Fizzy Drinks

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Few dentists would recommend fizzy drinks, but some statistics released this week reveal the problem is bigger than we realise. This week two things have happened: some worrying new statistics have been released, and a new advertising campaign has been launched, and the two are not just linked, they’re also linked to the world of… Read more »