2 Ways To Prepare For Your Dental Job Interview

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The dental industry is more competitive today than ever before, with not only a massive number of dental jobs available, but a much wider variety of dental positions than before too. With more and more of us looking to undergo cosmetic dental procedures ranging from tooth whitening to veneers, invisible fillings and crowns to invisible… Read more »

Gum Disease Growing Cause Of Oral Cancer

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We all know that one of the main causes of oral cancer is smoking, but it is predicted that within 10 years gum disease could well rival tobacco as the main cause of oral cancer. A recent study by the British Dental Health Foundation has discovered that gum disease may well be directly linked to… Read more »

How To Hypnotise Your Dental Patients

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We all know that a large number of patients find visiting the dentist, even just for a checkup, something of a stressful experience. In fact to be honest there are relatively few patients who come bouncing and leaping into the surgery full of enthusiasm and anticipation. We can but hope! But the Institute of Hypnotherapy… Read more »