Bad Teeth Make People Feel Down In The Mouth

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Is it just that people who have better teeth tend to smile more, or is it that people smile more because they have better teeth? Whichever way round it is it’s clear that based on new research people with bad teeth admit that it has had a very negative impact on their lives. Bad teeth,… Read more »

Are Teeth More Trouble Than They’re Worth These Days?

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Over many generations humans have evolved and adapted quite considerably, and as our ability to adapt our environment continues, so too does our evolutionary progress. But is this evolutionary progress likely to result in us no longer requiring teeth? It’s an interesting question, and perhaps one that makes you feel a little uncomfortable. But the… Read more »

An Olympic Inspired Dental Lesson For Children

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Did you know that athletes coming from overseas to compete at the London 2012 Olympics are all able to receive completely free dental care? In fact a specially constructed dental clinic has been opened at the Olympic Park. For many people this might be a little surprising. After all, if anyone is going to look… Read more »

Unusual Dental Interview Techniques To Look Out For

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Whilst the number of dental jobs currently available has never been as high, it is still the case that there is much competition between candidates when looking for the best dental vacancies. With many more qualified graduates arriving on to the scene it is often just as difficult for the surgeries to distinguish between budding… Read more »

Why Porcelain Veneers Offer A Better Alternative To Composite Resin

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One of the recent developments made available to patients which is now being requested more and more is the porcelain veneer. Whilst veneers have been around for quite some time now, representing a more popular and more appropriate treatment for many people than crowns, they haven’t exactly been without their problems. Composite resin tooth veneers… Read more »

Two Dental Reports Offer Hope For Mouth Cancer

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Two interesting reports out in the last week or so show encouraging news as far as mouth cancer is concerned. We’ve known in the dental industry for a long time that dentists and dental professionals are very often the first line of defence of patients in identifying possible mouth cancers, referring them for further investigation… Read more »