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The dental industry is more competitive today than ever before, with not only a massive number of dental jobs available, but a much wider variety of dental positions than before too.

2 Ways To Prepare For Your Dental Job InterviewWith more and more of us looking to undergo cosmetic dental procedures ranging from tooth whitening to veneers, invisible fillings and crowns to invisible bracers for teeth alignment, dental surgeries across the UK have been expanding, with a boom in the number of dental vacancies available.

This of course has been matched by an equal surge in the number of people looking to enter the dental industry, and this all makes for an exciting situation for those involved in dental recruitment.

In today’s blog post we thought it would be helpful to look at two specific ways in which candidates can prepare themselves for the interview stage when applying for a dental vacancy, to help increase their chances of success.

1. Re-Read Your Own CV

This might sound odd, but it’s surprising how many candidates can find themselves tripping up over even the most basic questions simply because it’s so long since they last looked at their own CV.

A CV is something which you build over time, adding items and achievements as and when they happen. This can mean that the end document reads almost like a formalised diary, and it’s easy to forget entries you made some time ago.

Don’t assume you’ll remember everything, and read it through carefully, noting those points which may be of particular relevance.

What many people do when applying for jobs is to customise their CV for each position. So when applying to position ‘A’ you may feel that it is helpful to focus a little more on one or two areas of your past experience, and reduce the amount of detail included for experiences which are less relevant.

Then when sending your CV off in response to position ‘B’ you may switch those points around, or make entirely different alternations.

It’s important of course to be entirely truthful on your CV, as any untruths or omissions are always likely to be found out, and this can either cost you the job, or result in legal action later down the line.

But whilst a CV may contain nothing but the truth, that truth can be written in different ways, emphasising different points or aspects in unique ways.

This is why it is important to re-read your CV just before an interview so you have a feel for the kinds of points and approach which you should be delivering.

2. Know What You Want To Be Doing In Five Years’ Time

The dental industry is not static, and it’s not expected that everyone will stay static. When you enter the detail industry for the first time, or even move to a new position having had many years experience working within the dental industry, it is almost expected that you will have some kind of plan.

Knowing where you would like to be, or at least what your possible options are in the future helps to demonstrate that you have a clear grasp of the overall structure of the industry, and the opportunities within it.

Too many candidates simply look at the immediate position ahead of them and don’t really look beyond it. This can result in stagnation or dissatisfaction, and these aren’t ideal traits to have when you’re working in the front line of an industry which needs to focus very hard on patient satisfaction, comfort, and reassurance.

Know where you could be in five years time, and make sure that you’re not afraid to say this.

Be brave, be ambitious, and show that you have drive and a goal. It doesn’t matter whether your plans change over time, as long as you have some!


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